Precision light steel
roll-forming and assembly


CPAC Framing brings a specialist service to the construction sector by offering cold formed steel components for frames, walls, floors and trusses. All components are produced to meet our certified I.S. EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 quality standard.

Our dedicated production facility utilises HOWICK precision light steel roll-forming technology in 300, 150 and 89 profile sizes.

Our uncompromising focus on quality and exemplary customer service together with CPAC Framing’s commitment to deliver as promised sets us apart.

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) – also known as Cold Formed Steel – brings significant advantages to any construction project.

From dramatically reduced build times to unparalleled accuracy and build eciency, from minimised wastage to improved strength, durability and performance, LGS is the solution that delivers.

Our Solution

Precision light steel


Fully assembled or flat pack 3D volumetric frames and floor cassettes.

  • 300 x 65 x 15 x 2.8mm
  • Speed tabs eliminate the need for cleats
  • 165 and 65mm services holes
  • Countersunk 18mm Bolt Holes

Fully assembled 2D Wall panels, infill panels and floor joists/cassettes.

  • 15 x 50 x 12 x 1.2-1.6mm
  • 34mm service hole
  • 13mm bolt hole
  • Lip cut and swage

Fully assembled 2D Wall panels, infill panels and Internal partitions

  • 89 x 41 x 10 x 1.2mm
  • 34mm service hole
  • 13mm bolt hole
  • Lip cut and swage

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